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Nautilus 2.0

Phase 2 of Nautilus, which has been completed in July 2020

Roer, Capelle aan den IJssel

Nautilus 2.0

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Planetenbaan, Maarssen

Business park

Total of 40.00 GFA

Residential towers consisting of 500 apartments

Medium rent


Ground-up residential development on the parking area of Nautilus, which has been completed in July 2020. Nautilus 2.0 will consist of two separate buildings containing spacious maisonettes in the mid-rent segment.

This development is located in the Roer-Barbizon area where several conversions have occured. Of these, Nautilus was the third apartment complex in the Capelle residential area, adjacent to Rotterdam. Ten years ago Barbizonstaete was realized. More conversions will follow in this area in the coming period. At this moment there are a total of 174 apartments in the Roer-Barbizon living-working area.


This area has been designated to add more housing options. With this project we are trying to contribute to this. And then mainly in the mid-rent segment where there is currently a great shortage.

Technical Developer

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