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For a sustainable use of our development sites, we devise various placemaking strategies so that the buildings retain their value until the final conversion takes place. These ideas will also be included in the final concept during the transformation. Think of the design of the plinth that must fit well with the final residents/users of the building.

Various concepts have been devised and implemented. Depending on the location, residents and environment, a strategy has been developed that is appropriate. This gives the location extra attention, and we involve the surroundings in the development and temporary filling. These creations are mainly focused on hospitality, music, art, and culture.

Concrete Cowboys

Concrete Cowboys is a placemaking organization that operates by itself. They play a major role in the temporary marketing of our development sites. Concrete Cowboys transforms rough ‘forgotten’ buildings and areas into temporary and exciting projects. They place great emphasis on the experience and also participate in the eventual redevelopment of the building or area. For example, if there are going to be a lot of students living there, something will be created that fits this target group perfectly and can move on to the plinth once it is developed. For each building and/or area a suitable concept is developed. The guiding principle is that space is made for creativity, in all its sizes and forms. For each building and/or area a suitable concept is developed.

Concrete Cowboys3

The first seated rave of Eindhoven. In the raw
atmosphere of the current Koelhuis building.

Concrete Cowboys2

Second hand materials get a third life here. Unique
decorations you have never seen before.

Concrete Cowboys1

Talented photographers capture these festivals in
their own way. Shot by Goosebmbs.


The outside area of Koelhuis is converted into a seated rave started in the summer season of 2020. A normal terrace, but in the raw atmosphere of Koelhuis with the very best house, tech-house, and techno music. Located in the Canal zone of Eindhoven which has a typical and characteristic appearance. Walking routes, sufficient distances and supervisors ensured that guests could enjoy the seating festival safely and responsibly.

The area was decorated with scaffolding, pressed cars and metal which created a unique and special appearance that had never been found in Eindhoven before. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there was a program with different Djs with a maximum of 300 guests. on the Saturday Koelhuis had its own festival named ‘’construct’’. Big names like secret Cinema, Sluwe Vos and Michel de Hey performed on stage. This concept will be back next summer.

De wasserette

‘‘De Wasserette’’ is located on the ground floor of the Lee Towers. This community café sees a target group in the occupants of these residentials buildings. Through the café, this group of people is brought together with a fun program and, of course, food and drinks. As soon as the corona measures are relaxed, evenings will be organized with comedy shows, concerts, game nights, Friday afternoon drinks, etc. The adjoining cinema can then also be put back into full use. In addition, this space is also very suitable for external meetings. Finally, the laundry bar can still be used by the residents to do their laundry.

201028-De Waserette (7)

Spacious hangout for the residents

De Wasserette

Dinner out for delivery and at the bar

201028-De Waserette (2)

Decorated completely in style!

De Ruimte Club

Until the redevelopment takes place, De Ruimte Club will expose this property, formerly known as the ADP building, for creative business, work, culture and leisure. During the day creatives, entrepreneurs and students work on projects in their own workspace. In the evenings and weekends activities are organised that will give an extra dimension. At De Ruimte Club you will come into contact with culture, artists, creativity and find yourself in a particularly inspiring environment. This can vary from a chef who is invited to facilitate a dinner event for 100 guests, an exhibition, or a progressive DJ. Anything can happen here.

Several floors of the building will be used as studio space and workspaces. De Ruimte Club loves inspiring locations and seeks out the right groups of people for this. A mix of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial power all have their own or shared space to realize their dream. They focus on bringing together a close club from different disciplines so they can inspire and motivate each other.


The Thales was originally a fishing trawler that was put into service in 1969. In 2002 the previous owners Jarig and Marion Roode completely rebuilt the ship into an expedition trawler together with shipyard Metz. Since then, the Thales has been successfully used for high-end Day Charters. As of July 2020, Thales has a new owner. After a dignified refit, this Gentleman’s Yacht will be back on the Rotterdam waters in the spring of 2021. The vessel consists of three uniquely designed levels, each with its own character. Within the interior you will find works by various artists, 70s design classics, special reflections and a mix of materials and shapes. This also includes two outdoor decks that connect to the lounge and bar area. The complete design creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere with the experience of a boutique hotel where guests can enjoy our beloved city from a different perspective. Thales can be booked for day charters, business events, private dining occasions and many more!

Technical Developer

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Samen een beter project realiseren door alle disciplines in hun kracht te zetten.