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Max Euwe Kwartier Phase 01

Phase 1 of the Brainpark area conversion


Max Euwe Kwartier Phase 01

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Max Euwelaan – Brainpark, Rotterdam

3 Office buildings

Approx. 76.000 sqm GFA / 4 new-built residential buildings

Approx. 50.000 sqm residential – 15.000 commercial – 10.000 parking – 800 apartments (mid-rent)

Students, expats, Young Urban Professionals & Empty Nesters


In the coming years, the monotonous Brainpark office park will grow into an attractive mixed-use area with more vibrancy. This will benefit students, starters, empty nesters & families looking for a home, companies on the office park and the educational institutions in the area. The Brainpark I Master Plan sets out the development vision and starting points, which was adopted by the Municipal Executive on Thursday, December 2. “In the Brainpark there is not much to experience now and outside office hours the area is deserted. That’s a shame, because the area is easily accessible by public transport and bicycle and is right next to the EUR campus, according to Alderman Bas Kurvers (Building and Housing). In cooperation with the municipality, Bakkers | Hommen will work to turn this area into an attractive, inclusive living-working & accommodation area where it is nice to live, work, study and stay. The Brainpark Master Plan was unanimously approved by the city council on 3 February 2022; 39 votes for 0 against!



Located on the Kralingse Zoom in Rotterdam, Max Euwe Kwartier (MEK) consists of three mixed use buildings surrounded by a green environment. MEK is the first milestone in the transformation of former office park Brainpark I into a lively green district to live, work and relax. Accommodating 750 apartments with public facilities, MEK is designed by GROUP A, ZZDP Architecten, STIJNVANDENBOOGAARD ARCHITECTURE and OKRA Landschapsarchitecten, commissioned by BAKKERS | HOMMEN.

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