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Bakkers | Hommen


transformation of former Ministry of Agriculture office into 82 lofts.

Tesselschadestraat, Leeuwarden

the block

Location : Tesselschadestraat, Leeuwarden 

Surface : 9000 sqm

Former : Office building with 8 years vacancy 

Current : Residential complex consisting of 82 lofts and hospitality area 

Tenant : Private and catering formula 

Energy label : From label G to label B/A

The Block residential complex is a 10-minute walk from the bustling centre of Leeuwarden and consists of 82 Smart City Lofts, intended for starters and young workers, situated in a former office building. The building has previously been used by various government services, including the Ministry of Agriculture and recently as temporary accommodation for the Court of Appeal. 

After 8 years of vacancy, Bakkers | Hommen has provided the building with a new purpose. In 2017, the residential complex was sold to an institutional investor.