Bakkers | Hommen

The Spine

Ground-up development of two residential buildings consisting of 500 apartments located on a former office park.

Planetenbaan, Maarssen


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Planetenbaan, Maarssen

Business park

Total of 40.00 GFA

Residential towers consisting of 500 apartments

Medium rent


Ground-up development of two residential towers called Phobos and Deimos. Planetenbaan Maarssen is a designated area with the ambition to convert an out of use office park into a large scale mid-rent housing area with 2000 apartments. BAKKERS | HOMMEN is responsible for the development of 500 apartments in the so called ‘Kwadrant Mars’. The apartments will have a size of 37 to 78sqm.  This development is initiated in cooperation with the OMU (Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Utrecht) and the SVN (Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting).


Redeveloping Planetenbaan contributes to a reduction of the growing housing shortage in the region and it helps to improve the quality and the living environment in Maarssen. We prevent deterioration of vacant offices and commercial buildings. The project fits perfectly within the ambitions of the province of Utrecht and the municipality of Stichtse Vecht to transform the monofunctional working location into a mixed urban district, with plenty of space for housing.

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