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the grid

The Grid Tender – 2018 Taatsenplein, Utrecht The Grid An earlier design for the ground-up development at Taatsenplein in Utrecht. A new concept has been developed for this project location called ‘’The Taats’’. To be found at the projects page.

the spine

The Spine Tender – 2020 Southern Rotterdam The Spine Unsolicited proposal for a ground-up development in the southern part of Rotterdam. A residential tower will be developed with a unique and futuristic design.


De leerfabriek Tender – 2018 Almystraat, Oisterwijk De leerfabriek Development of Brabant’s industrial heritage, the old leather factory in Oisterwijk. 1. Businesses/education/hospitality 2. Culture & leisure 3. Supporting facilities 4. Accommodation (41 rooms) 5. Living (18 industrial lofts) 6. Parking 7. Technology


Somerhof Tender – 2017 Inner-city area conversion Eindhoven. Somerhof Eindhoven. somerhof Approximately 210 homes in the designated area;   Approximately 700 bicycle parking spaces;   A total of 254 car parking spaces.

TD gebouw

TD gebouw Tender – 2016 Frederik van Eedenplein, Eindhoven TD gebouw Old function: TD Building New function: 125 luxury apartments


Revoluon Tender – 2016 VVV Location – Central Station revoluon​ Old function: VVE Office   New function: A 125-meter-high residential tower   400 Dwellings and flats that are suitable for life expectancy, for starters or the over-50s.