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sea tower

Conversion of the former Ypsilon office building into a new built residential tower

Engelandlaan, Zoetermeer

sea tower

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Engelandlaan, Zoetermeer  

Office building 

Approx. 9000 sqm GFA

Residential Tower

Young Urban Professionals and expats (mid-rent)


Former office building called ‘’Ypsilon’’ will be replaced by a ground-up development called ‘’Sea Tower’’. This 70 meter high residential tower is located in the city center of Zoetermeer. The city has been actively developing the city and its vibrant green center for some time. Several converted office buildings are located along the Engelandlaan, and both neighboring Sea Tower buildings have also now been provided with occupants.


The 150 apartments, both social and mid-rent, ranging from approximately 40 to 80 m2, are all equipped with a balcony and all window frames to the floor, so that all apartments receive a lot of daylight. The residential tower has various common areas including a gym, laundrette, lobby and a roof terrace on the top floor from which the sea should be visible, there Sea Tower also owes its name to.


Using a sustainable construction method, the exterior of the tower will be in place within 24 weeks. This prefab technique is being used more and more and will cause the least possible inconvenience to the neighborhood. Not only the way of building has a very sustainable character. The thermal energy storage system that is being installed will also contribute to the sustainability of Sea Tower. The apartments will be cooled and heated by means of this Thermal Storage. Not only Sea Tower will make use of this luxury, but also the surrounding buildings. In this way a contribution is made to the entire neighborhood.

Technical Developer

marnix nies

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