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Bakkers | Hommen


former cold store - freezer building of campina eindhoven. Conversion into 5000 sqm office/industrial building.

Dirk Boutslaan, Eindhoven

het koelhuis

Location : Dirk Boutslaan, Eindhoven  

Former : Campina Fridge-Freezer building 

Surface :  2400 sqm 

Current : 5000 sqm multi-tenant company building

Tenant : Bakkers | Hommen & … ?

Energy label : A

The Koelhuis building has been empty for quite some time, which was then completely gutted by squatters. The structure of the building has a characteristic base which will form the core of the redevelopment.


By working the construction partly open with glass panels, these characteristics are accentuated. This gives the building a new modern look while retaining its character. The building will be opened up with large glass panels to create light in the colossal concrete building. On top of the roof there will be a roof structure that will also be provided with a lot of glass. It would create a beautiful view over the skyline of Eindhoven with its current and expected high-rise buildings.


At this moment the Koelhuis is being used as an event location for the seating festival of Eindhoven, called CONSTRUCT. Famous names from the techno and house scene have already appeared on the various lineups. More info? Check our news page.