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Koelhuis Eindhoven

Transformation of industrial heritage into a contemporary cultural hub

Dirk Boutslaan, Eindhoven

Koelhuis Eindhoven

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Dirk Boutslaan, Eindhoven

Campina Fridge-Freezer building 



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Koelhuis Eindhoven

In 2018, Bakkers |Hommen acquired an industrial heritage building on the city edge of Eindhoven, in the south of The Netherlands. Once a freezer warehouse used to stock ice cream pies produced in the nearby Campina dairy factory, and more recently a location for underground countercultures, the building was up for demolition when Bakkers | Hommen got inspired to purchase it to restore it for mixed-use.


In 2020, creative entrepreneurs Gianni Jorissen and Patrick de Koning hosted temporary placemaking initiatives in the building, which was also chosen as a location for films, photoshoots and art experiments.


With Eindhoven pushing its borders to expand to formerly industrial areas, the place where you are standing right now is becoming a fast-changing area, flourishing with new development projects that will help define the Eindhoven of the future. No longer a purely industrial district, this area has the potential to become a new symbol of vitality and sustainable urban development, far from being a ‘bedroom community’ for commuters. Koelhuis has a place in this vision, and it’s set to become a pole of attraction for anybody interested in new media art, innovation, and creativity, a place where a local and international community of artists, technologists, and makers will come together to research and experiment, teach and learn, create and present their work. The new Koelhuis Eindhoven is an initiative by Concrete Ventures, a joint venture between Bakkers | Hommen and

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